Endota Hydration Studio, Raine Square WA

If you're not familiar with LED beauty treatments, you could be excused for thinking this studio is slightly unusual with it's 'spacey' looking masks. However, LED power boost facials are the next big thing in hydrating the skin using light therapy to enhance the results of a traditional facial. This beauty concept is based around a quick 20-30 min treatment to give women the opportune escape from the daily grind. This model can be seen around the major cities of the world.

The studio design needed to embrace and integrate this new technology, the open retail and consultation space has been designed to exude approachable luxury. Which diverts from the current store palette and direction with the aim to create a point of difference and unique marketplace positioning.

We’ve made a statement of the new treatment stations integrating luxurious leather recliners, blush pink basins, bright white oval light fittings around the mirrors, long brass pendent light fittings, as well as the LED masks themselves. 

A more refined colour palette has been used throughout the interior, with subtle terrazzo flooring and walls, solid timber framing wall paneling, rendered concrete ceiling and darker toned cabinetry for the mid floor counter and display units.  


Endota Spa


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